Version X Solutions Launch!

With the Version X Solutions Launch we bring together 3 of the most experienced independent Deltek Vision expert consultants in North America with over 30 combined years of experience. We do not work for Deltek or their partners, therefore we can offer you candid and professional opinions. Since we know the best and worst attributes of the product we know how to work around and improve on the limitations while extracting the best it has to offer.

Who is Version X Solutions?

As experienced independent consultants and system integrators for Deltek and other products, we have seen a wide variety of businesses and use cases. We understand your business and the challenges you face using Deltek Vision and other systems in your day to day operations. We help your business run more smoothly by developing elegant and efficient solutions for your business processes. To know more about us individually and collectively, read more here.

The KL Coles web site will remain up and active for the foreseeable future however, most of the existing content has been ported to the Version X Solutions site and there is a ton of great content from the Saunders Consulting Group blog there as well!

Why Version X Solutions?

How did we come up with the name “Version X Solutions”? We believe that when you buy our solutions or hire our services, that our expertise will always be current. We support your business regardless of which version of Deltek Vision you are on or plan to be on and we will support you through Version X!

What Solutions Do We Offer?

Through many years of working with a wide range of clients big and small, we have developed a variety of packaged custom solutions and custom reports to help Vision users improve productivity and streamline business process.

What Other Services Do We Offer?

We offer a full slate of services from consulting engagements to Vision Cloud Hosting, maintenance, upgrades, Vision administration/configuration and much more!

Please take the time to peruse our site and review our current products and services offering. If you would like us to address a specific problem at your firm, please contact us at: