Many AEC firms using Deltek Vision come to us with very specialized reporting, customization, integration and process automation requests. Usually they have been unable to find an off the shelf product or do not have in-house development capabilities. We work with your team to find the best solution to fit your needs, that is maintainable, scalable and cost effective.

Packaged Solutions

Over time we have recognized that many AEC firms using Vision are looking for similar custom tools and enhancements to give them an advantage over their competitors. We have drawn from this experience to build an extensive toolbox of custom reports, utilities, scripts, and Vision customizations. We can leverage this knowledge to speed the development of a custom solution for your firm or we may already have what you’re looking for!

We have refined some of our most popular tools into packaged solutions that can be tailored to your firm’s needs or deployed as is relatively quickly when compared to full custom application development. Here are sampling of some of our packaged products:

Budget Alerts

If you do not own the Resource Planning module it’s not currently possible to have dashboard and e-mail alerts triggered when your projects reach specific spent thresholds. We have developed a custom solution that works from the Vision interface to provide a flexible, adaptable budget threshold alerting system for any company using Deltek Vision. Some key features include:

  • Uses the Vision system to deliver dashboard and e-mail alerts that work seamlessly with Vision alerts
  • Ability for your staff to configure budget thresholds that trigger alerts and add new thresholds
  • All alerts are stored in the system giving you the ability to report on them with standard reports. Once a standard alert is viewed or cleared its gone forever but you can now have a history of who received an alert and when.
  • Create an escalation for alerts. If action isn’t taken in a given period of time, additional alerts can be sent and delivered to someone higher on the chain.

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Is your network storage filled with project folders that are difficult to navigate and nearly impossible to search? Is your folder naming/nomenclature inconsistent? The AutoFolder custom utility helps you keep your Deltek Project records tightly integrated with your network file storage by automatically generating folders on your servers whenever a project is created in Deltek. It’s fully customizable and can even pre-populate the sub folders based on your unique or even dynamic specifications. You can even drop commonly used files into the folders so your end users are ready to get to work. For more info check out our multi-part blog series on AutoFolder. Highlighted features include:

  • Save your employees time! Every new project created in Vision will automatically create a corresponding project folder in the correct location on your storage system, based on your rules.
  • Provides consistency in your folder naming and nomenclature by taking the human element out of folder setup.
  • Folder/Drive locations can be customized and advanced logic can be used to determine locations based on Project Manager, Client, Office, Department, Year, etc.
  • Multiple sub folder structures can be configured so different departments or offices can have different structures and these can be modified by your staff as requirements change over time.
  • Folders can be pre-populated with commonly used files such as contracts, forms, etc.
  • A hyperlink to the folder is automatically added to the Project Info Center–>Files tab so your employees can find files by searching for a project in Vision first.

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Data Import Error Report

Do you do a lot of data importing into Vision for things like Credit Card statements, Corporate Budgets, or perhaps to bring in legacy info center records from others systems? Do you get frustrated with tracking down errors with your data because the system doesn’t¬†provide meaningful errors messages? If you’re on Deltek First you have no access to the database to review the detailed error messages.

We have developed a custom report that will help you track down those errors quickly right from the Vision interface. Data Import Errors.

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WIP Calculator

Do you want to be able to see a full break out of your Work in Process (WIP), including Labor, Expenses & Units at a project, phase or task level in the Project Info Center? This utility will automatically refresh your WIP numbers on a schedule or you can manually refresh them. Ever wish you could filter your batch bills by a WIP value? Now you can!

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