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We try to write insightful and more importantly useful articles that both our existing clients and prospective clients can use to improve their businesses. We write on everything from new Deltek product reviews, case studies on problems we have solved for our clients, ideas we have to make a business more efficient, as well as topics of a more human nature. If it relates to technology, people, process, automation, etc. and how it affects a project based or professional services business then we will write about it.

We hope you find this information useful and encourage your feedback through comments on our posts or if you have a topic idea or a question specific to your business that you would like some insight on, feel free to drop us a line at info@klcoles.com and we will try our best to write a personalized article for you…don’t worry we will change the names to protect the innocent :)

Version X Solutions Launch!

Version X Solutions Launch! With the Version X Solutions Launch we bring together 3 of the most experienced independent Deltek Vision expert consultants in North America with over 30 combined years of experience. We do not work for Deltek or their partners, therefore...

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Data Importing Errors

BE SURE TO CHECK OUT OUR NEW WEBSITE AND THE VERSION X SOLUTIONS DELTEK VISION BLOG! Overview: If you have ever used the Vision Data Import tools you’re probably very familiar with what can happen when you validate your import only to find you have errors. The...

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Budget Alerts in Vision

BE SURE TO CHECK OUT OUR NEW WEBSITE AND THE VERSION X SOLUTIONS DELTEK VISION BLOG! Overview: One of the most common questions we hear from those new to Deltek Vision is “How can we send alerts when a project reaches a specific budget spent threshold?”....

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Your Own Vision Cloud

Overview: Cloud is one of the most common buzz-words going these days and it tends to mean different things to different people. For some, cloud means outsourced e-mail such as with Office365, for others it means SaaS (Software as a Service) offerings such as...

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